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CUA51015 Diploma of Screen and Media 

Specialised Make-up Short Course Kit

This cost is broken down into a $500.00 deposit and 3 monthly payments which will cover the make-up and hair kit. This course’s student tuition is funded Smart and Skilled
This Kit contains the following:
Item Qty
Maqpro Iwata Ninja Aibrush Kit 1
Maqpro 30 ml HD Fluid Foundation 6
Maqpro Airbrush Diluter 1
Maqpro Concealer Palette 30ml 1
Crown Brush Clear Large On Set Bag 1
Crown Brush Flash Colour Palette 1
Crown Brush Dallas Trolley Case 1
Crown Brush Custom Pro Brush Set 23pc 1
Crown Brush Deluxe Mini Fan 1
Crown Brush Disposables Kit 1
Crown Brush Dual Sharpener 1
Crown Brush Large Powder Puff 1
Crown Brush Professional Black Tweezer 1
Crown Brush Combo Mixing Palatte and Spatula 1
Crown Brush Gel Liner Black Out 1
Crown Brush Eye Pencil Black 1
Crown Brush Eye Pencil White 1
Crown Brush Volumising Mascara 1
Crown Brush Cleaning Plate 1
Crown Brush Cleaner 250ml 1
Scotty’s VK Pro Palette #1 12pc 1
Scotty’s MediaPro Crème Contour & Blush Palatte 18pc 1
Scotty’s Lumiere Metallic Colour Palette 8pc 1
Scotty’s Lumiere Brilliant Colour Palette 8pc 1
Scotty’s Glam Eyeshadow Palette 12 col 1
Scotty’s Neutral Set Powder 42g 1
Scotty’s Pre-Foundation Moisure Lotion 1
Scotty’s Final Seal 1
Scotty’s FX Palette 1
Scotty’s Rainbow Wheel 1
Scotty’s Burns and Blisters Wheel 1
Scotty’s Master Bruise Wheel 1
Scotty’s Clown White 3oz 1
Scotty’s Fresh Scab 6oz 1
Scotty’s Dark Stage Blood 59ml 1
Scotty’s Stage Blood 59ml 1
Scotty’s Pro-Aide Original 125ml 1
Scotty’s Spirit Gum 29ml 1
Scotty’s Spirit Gum Remover 59ml 1
Scotty’s Nose & Scar Wax Fair 71g 1
Scotty’s 3rd Degree Clear Tone 1
Scotty’s Liquid Latex 250ml 1
Scotty’s MagiCake Palette 12p 1
Scotty’s Global Neon Palette 6p 1
Scotty’s Bright Rainbow Cake 1
Scotty’s 99.9% Alcohol 125ml Spray 1
Scotty’s LiquiSet 59ml 1
Scotty’s Professional make-up Cape 1
Note: This kit includes make-up kit, airbrush kit and SPFX make-up Kit. Students are also required to purchase the Diploma Hair Styling Kit for their hair styling units
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