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Nail Technology Testimonials

Ashlee Sneddon

I studied at SCA because I knew it would be the best place for me to get the right training in the field, I wanted to start my business in.

I enjoyed the practical lessons the most and the constant guidance and encouragement from my educator Virginia.

My experience was amazing, and I would recommend studying at SCA. Without SCA I would not be where I am now, running my own business and rapidly growing as an amazing Nail Technician in the Illawarra.

Annelise Vermaak

I chose SCA as I heard good reviews and wanted to study at an acclaimed academy. I have now started my own nail salon and am a proud small business owner.

My biggest achievements during my study were understanding the fundamentals of a salon environment and being able to apply acrylic overlay.

Being able to finish my assessments on time and receiving positive feedback from the lecturer was what I enjoyed most in my course.

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