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Student Testimonials

Check out our Student Testimonial Video’s from our past and current students!

Natasha – SHB50115 Diploma of Beauty Therapy
Corey – CUA51015 Diploma of Screen and Media
Kenny – SHB30516 Certificate III in Barbering

Annemarie De Silva

The reason I chose SCA was location and Smart & Skilled Option for Students.

I completed my Certificate III in Hairdressing. My qualification got me a position as a hairdresser at a salon in Wollongong, I'm very pleased.

Being able to build a loyal client base before graduating who continue to support me were some of my biggest achievements at SCA.

I enjoyed my cutting classes with Tania, she helped me gain a lot of confidence while learning and had a lot of patience with me. Her positive attitude and constructive feedback inspired me to keep improving my skills and to never stop learning.

Brydie Stewart

I originally chose SCA in 2015 to complete my Certificate III in Hairdressing to start my career path into the industry. Being only 15 and the youngest student Tina has taken into the Academy, it was quite daunting. However, I was made to feel very comfortable after our first interview.

I completed my Certificate III in Hairdressing though SCA and am now currently completing my Diploma in Beauty Therapy.

I am currently working in the Hairdressing industry and have been since December of 2015. After about 5 months of studying with SCA full time, I was offered an apprenticeship through Chelsea Hairdressing. I continued going to SCA as an apprentice for all of 2016. My initial studies at SCA got me my position as an apprentice as I was more familiar in the industry which made me more hireable.

Being awarded Apprentice of the year and being offered my apprenticeship was my biggest achievement at SCA. The most enjoyable part of the course was the teachers. They became mentors and really took me under their wing to make sure I excelled to my full potential.

Kenny Martin

I am currently studying Certificate III  in Barbering at SCA. I chose SCA because of their great reputation. I’m looking to achieve all relevant skills gained from my course to become a great barber and deliver great customer service to clients. My goal is to gain employment in an awesome barber shop and my long term goal is to one day open my own barber shop. What I enjoy most in my course is the practical hands on stuff. I like all aspects of study but if I had to pick I really enjoy my barbering class on a Monday and I really like the hair colouring unit as well.

Kyle Hession

I chose to study at SCA because I knew that they could provide me with the highest quality training available and make me industry ready, while also be in a happy, professional and inclusive environment. I am currently completing my Diploma of Beauty Therapy and loving every day of it!

I have now received a job at Priceline. My big achievements during my study were learning new skill sets and pushing my boundaries of trying new things that I didn’t think I would like and going out of my comfort zone!

I’ve loved everything about my course so far at SCA so it’s hard to say what I enjoyed most! But it’s probably making so many new friends and learning new things about myself and what I am capable of doing and not being scared to have a go at things, realising that it is ok to fail because I am surrounded by such amazing and supporting people that want to see you grow and progress in your journey and your time at the academy. And also being the only boy I didn’t feel different in any way everyone made me feel just as a part of the beautiful SCA family as anyone else and that was so incredible to have and I’m so appreciative of the support and love I have received. So it’s hard to narrow it down but over all my experience has been so incredible and will remember it forever and cherish the beautiful people I have met and the memories made!

Emily Pyers

I chose SCA as I did not enjoy school as there was nothing that interested me with the subjects and the learning, so I decided to enrol at SCA.  I have always thought about going into the beauty Industry but never knew what there was to offer until I came to SCA. There has been a lot of learning and great in class demonstrations that really gets you involved with the course. SCA has a lot to offer with great teachers,  learning and allowing students to get a feel for what it’s like to work in a salon on Friday’s known as clinic days. SCA has made me as a person feel confident as a therapist and I'm glad that I will be able to show my skills to whom I work for later on.

I’m currently completing Diploma of Beauty Therapy and are currently looking for a job in the industry.

I enjoyed the learning side of things especially practicing on class mates. The courses I enjoyed the most was facials, body massages, spray tans, eyelash extensions, waxing and hot stones so far throughout the course. I also like the idea of experiencing clinic days on Fridays being able to be independent as a Therapist and providing your client with the best treatment and advice as possible. I really
enjoy making people feel happy and making clients feel good about themselves after their treatment.

Melissa Fernandez

I studied my Diploma of Beauty Therapy at SCA Hair and Beauty Academy in 2016 and found it to be very professional. All the Educators were knowledgeable, friendly and approachable and I found it to be extremely enjoyable. I learnt all aspects of Beauty Therapy from makeup, nails, skin, massage and many other subjects, and this directly led me to obtaining permanent employment in this field. I would recommend SCA to anybody who is looking at studying in this industry.

Natasha Shalala

Since I was young I have always had a dream about getting into the beauty industry and SCA brought this to life. I commenced my course with the goal to walk away with a job in the Skin and Laser industry. Thanks to my incredible teachers I was fortunate to be offered jobs just 6 months into my  year Diploma. This is evident of the high standard in education that SCA has to offer. I was in shock how quickly I developed my skills and knowledge in all aspects of beauty. We were always pushed out of our comfort zones, supported and received endless amounts of training from experts in the industry both at the College and out of the College. I always felt so comfortable to learn and grow at SCA, the environment is so positive and professional.

Throughout my course I loved both the practical and theory side, I really enjoyed always performing treatments on my peers and bringing in models to the College.

I walked away from SCA after graduating with my Diploma in Beauty Therapy with a Job at SkinMedix, a Skin and Laser clinic. I wouldn’t have achieved my goal without my amazing educators and director Tina, who was so hands on and made every student feel so loved and comfortable. My biggest achievement was also receiving the High Achiever in Overall Academics award. This wouldn’t have been possible without all my outstanding teachers who shaped and built my knowledge throughout the course.

I could not recommend the SCA family enough!

Amy Livermore

I have studied at SCA hair and beauty academy for both the Diploma in Beauty therapy and the Diploma in Hair and Makeup artistry. The teachers are so supportive, kind and knowledgeable. Our classes became like a little family and it has been sad to say bye.

The administration staff go above and beyond to support the students through any adversities that they may face. I know from my experience they were always kind and did anything that they could to help. Tina (the director/principle) is a great mentor and is very passionate about her business. Tina recommended myself and other students for jobs in the industry.

Tina offers so many opportunities to her students and often offers side courses that add to your experiences and knowledge. Each year the academy gets better and better and I really couldn't recommend SCA more. One thing about the Beauty industry is, it works as a big circle and trends go out and come back. SCA constantly keeps up with the industry and the latest trends, but at the same time continues to teach us the older ways. This has been helpful because every salon is different. By the end of the year I obtained a wide range of knowledge that is useful to the industry.

Thank you SCA for being so amazing!

Tiffany Macquire

I absolutely loved studying at SCA Hair and Beauty Academy. Right throughout my Diploma in Beauty Therapy I received exceptional & flexible education and training. A knowledgeable team of teachers, who I viewed as my SCA family, each individually exuded an enthusiasm & passion for the beauty industry of which I found contagious. The course integrated both theory and practical based components of beauty therapy with the use of up to date equipment and machinery.  This was beneficial in developing my skills & building confidence. Student clinic, which mimics real life salon scenarios, was a highlight for me in preparation for the real world. It greatly assisted in developing my expertise in client consults, re-booking, product knowledge and sales. 100% percent of students in my class graduated with jobs in the beauty industry which gives evidence of the quality job ready training supplied.  Since graduating in December 2015 I have been successful in obtaining a position at Laser Clinics Australia, a goal I set for myself when starting the course. From here I wish to build on my knowledge and gain experience in laser & skin therapy while furthering my goals in being the best beauty therapist I can be.

Georgia Mitchell

I studied at South Coast Hair and Beauty (SCA) in 2015 my experience was a memorable and enjoyable one. I have gained all the skills which allowed me to become a very passionate and knowledgeable beauty therapist. I feel confident in every aspect of the Diploma of Beauty Therapy course thanks to the lovely and knowledgeable educators that were dedicated in sharing their knowledge and their personal experiences to benefit all students. I would like to thank Tina for her support and assistance throughout the year particularly in relation to the course and with my work experience. My studies with SCA was from 2nd of February 2015 to 21st of December 2015 and with the opportunities of volunteer work (out of hours) I have secured a full time position at Skin Correctives, studying further to become a Paramedical Dermal Technician.

Gennene Koller

Dear South Coast Hair and Beauty Academy, All through my high school years I wanted to become a makeup artist/beauty therapist. My family always complimented my skill on makeup and suggested I look into doing something like that after I finish my HSC. The time came and from knowing past students who studied at South Coast Hair and Beauty, along with their amazing feedback, I knew that SCA was the place for me. My dad called the academy and made the arrangements and I was finally enrolled for my Diploma of Beauty Therapy for Feb 2013. I was so excited to start my dream career and from previously speaking to a past student who received ‘Student of the Year’ for their study year, I knew that I was going to work hard and that ‘Student of the Year’ was my ultimate goal. My experience at SCA was one I will never forget and I honestly would go back in a heartbeat. The teachers were all so experienced, knowledgeable and helpful, which aided so easily in teaching me the correct way to perform all procedures in the beauty therapy world. The friendships I made at SCA are lifetime friendships which also made all the hard work and study so worth it. After twelve months of hard work and many experiences, I received ‘Student of The Year’ and landed a job in a well-known beauty and laser clinic. After another 12months of working in the beauty industry, I brought my own beauty salon and reaped the benefits. Without SCA and their support and education I would not have achieved so much in such a short time frame. After completing my Diploma and having such an amazing study experience at SCA, I am furthering my career to be a Registered Nurse, so that hopefully one day that will take me to the next level of beauty- injectable and plastic surgery. There is so much you can do in the beauty industry.  I highly recommend South Coast Hair and Beauty Academy for all beauty and hair courses. You will not find a better academy! Thank you so much SCA!

Corey Kerr

As a past student, my decision to study/further my skills with South Coast Academy was made very easy. Their up to date facilities and professional workplace structure gave me the confidence and skills to be ready for work.

The staff and educators at SCA were very supportive of my learning needs and in helping me achieve and surpass my goals throughout my course and afterward. During my time studying I was able to obtain work experience in the theatrical productions, Beauty and the Beast, Wizard of Oz, Les Miserable and Shrek the Musical  which deepened my passion for theatrical makeup and in pursuing a career in this field. It allowed me to develop and maintain professional friendships and gain work on productions after completing my Diploma.

After completing my course I have been able to gain work in other theatre productions with Albatross musical theatre company, assisting my educators (Renee and Angela) and have maintained a position as an on call Makeup Artist for Team Spa in Nowra.

Maddison Taylor

My time at SCA has been wonderful as the staff and fellow students have all been kind and very helpful towards my education. I have learnt an enormous amount in such a short time thanks to my Educator Coventry. We have been given the opportunity to work at events including RAW, The Lion King production and Tom Lau photography shoot. The Academy has highly influenced my career decisions as this is the field I would like to work in. Thank you so much to my amazing Educator and fellow teachers for making this experience one I will never forget.

Andrea Valenzuela

I have been studying a Diploma of Screen and Media at SCA Hair and Beauty Academy since Feb 2017. My Educator is Coventry Kearns. Since studying at SCA I have learnt how to apply many types of make-up including period, bridal, theatre, face painting and many more. I have also learnt how to style hair in various styles and learnt techniques such as applying eyelashes, gluing down brows etc. I have been fortunate enough to experience several fashion photoshoots, assisting with artists on their jobs and assisted in the Academy make-up jobs. My Educator is very knowledgeable and I believe that her spirit and positive nature is an asset to the Academy and its students. It has been a very positive experience and I have learnt a lot.

Chloe Jones

My time at SCA has been a great experience as I have gained knowledge and confidence to further my career once I graduate. The staff and teachers have been extremely helpful. If I am struggling with an activity, my teachers spend one on one time with me to help guide me in the right direction. At times, it can be challenging and stressful but I have learnt to manage my time correctly. This course has given me many work experience opportunities that I am so grateful for which will be invaluable for.

Alicia Fuller

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at SCA. The Academy teaches skills and provides experience on how to work in the real world of make-up. Our Educators are fantastic and knowledgeable, and are always willing to help. Overall, I feel that my time at SCA has not only been rewarding, but also prepared me for my future career as a make-up artists.

Tahlia Alcorn

My time at SCA has been a rollercoaster of excitement, fun and good times. Although at times it is tough, with the support of friends that I have gained am my amazing Educator, I have been able to get through the hard times. I feel as though my Educator is also a friend as well as a teacher and takes the time to get to know us and help us build on our strengths and improve our weaknesses. I have learnt a lot of amazing techniques and make-up history which has been extremely interesting. I really enjoy the theory component as well as the practical aspects of this course.

Abbey King

SCA has been a wonderful opportunity to learn from the best and take a glimpse into the world of film and TV make-up. Work experience is an integral part of the Diploma of Screen and Media course, and has been great practice for the real world of behind-the-scenes make-up. The support from SCA and the flexible study options has been amazing. I am a young, single mother who juggles study and full time employment. Had it not have been for the support of the Academy, I would not be able to study to get a job in a career that I love. The Director, Tina, and Educator, Coventry, are both very experienced and knowledgeable. My time at SCA has been a blast!

Emma Murphy

Since starting my studies at SCA, I feel as though I have grown as a person. My Educator has had a massive impact on that, guiding me in the right direction and giving me the support that I need to keep me motivated. The most enjoyable part of the course has been the body painting and airbrushing component as it encouraged me to express my creativity. The Academy is a great space to learn and gain lifelong friends. Some of the opportunities that I have been offered since attending SCA include doing character work at a local theatre, assisting in photo shoots and I have had the opportunity to collaborate with renowned photographer Tom Lau which I certainly would not have had if it wasn’t for SCA Academy. This course will be of great benefit for my future and allow me to establish a freelance make-up artistry business and work in a leading make-up company.

Damian Swales

My time at SCA has benefited my knowledge and expertise and has presented me with many work experience opportunities such as ‘The Lion King’ production and the ‘RAW Artist Showcase’. Through these experiences I was able gin extensive growth in my understanding of the work environment. Helpful staff and highly skilled Educators allow for an unforgettable learning experience.

Ethan Short

My time at SCA has been great over the last 6 months. The staff are amazing, we have a great Educator, Coventry, and the Director is great also. They are very supportive with our education and ensuring assignments are compete and that we understand the task at hand. They make it possible for us to obtain work experience such as local theatre productions, school plays and charity events. I have learnt many new skills and techniques at SCA that I will be able to use in the future. I will always remember the purpose it had in assisting me pursue my career in make-up.


Dear South Coast Academy, When I first approached SCA I had inquired and approached other academies the service was poorly and phone call never returned. My chance approaching SCA was a blessing, I had the chance to speak to the director Tina as she made me feel extremely welcome, I was so pleased and extremely excited to have chosen the career of my dreams. The staff was incredibly supportive and friendly and I made a lifetime friendships also with all the other beautiful therapists. Today I know my SPA & BE YOUNG CLINIC is successful because of the high level of support and education.

Samantha O’Regan - 18/02/2015

It was a great learning experience, I had fun and enjoyed my lessons, thank you for your excellent training and support and I hope to come back some day and do more courses.

Jamie Emerson - 01/07/2015

Amazing teachers and best education! There is nowhere better! I'm so happy I did my apprenticeship at SCA!

Shauna Wise - 26/03/2014

Could not be happier learning what I love and have a passion for at SCA. They provide a great learning environment, have outstanding educators with years of knowledge and experience. Truly inspiring place to learn and grow.

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